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Vortex of C​​​​reation Burning  Man Raffle

I’m excited to announce my inaugural Burning Man art project, titled the 'Vortex of Creation'. The sculpture will stand 6-foot with a powder-coated steel frame, equipped with tempered glass, a mirrored base, and LED lights, its designed to endure the desert's harsh conditions.


To finance the sculpture's creation, transportation, and installation, I am raffling three of my hallmark light boxes:

  • 11x14 Black Hole lightbox valued at $650 

  • 20x20 Black Hole lightbox valued at $1500 (available if over 50 tickets are sold)

  • 40x40 Black Hole lightbox valued at $5500 (available if over 100 tickets are sold)

In addition to the raffle, each ticket also includes a signed and numbered 11x14 print, showcasing some of my latest artwork.


The raffle will be broadcasted live on IRLAlpha Thursday, August 24th.

Screen Shot 2023-08-08 at 12.37.21 AM.png
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